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Information for Retailers

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Due to a current statewide temporary moratorium on local bag bans, the County will not begin to enforce its bag ban until January 16, 2022, after the moratorium expires.

What do I have to do from now until January 16, 2022?
The Cuyahoga County Plastic Bag Ban is currently in effect. But due to a statewide temporary moratorium on plastic bag bans, the ban cannot be enforced until January 16, 2022.

In the meantime, retailers can:

  • Have an alternative shopping bag available for purchase for your customers
  • Prepare your staff for the change
  • Display a notice in your store and at cash registers informing customers of the upcoming bag ban (download signs here)
  • Encourage your customers to bring reusable bags with them now

What can’t I do after January 16, 2022?

Once the enforcement of the bag ban begins on January 16, 2022, you could face fines if you provide any banned plastic shopping bags to a customer. See the list of acceptable plastic bags that can still be used on the BYOBag Homepage.


Contact Us

For information on compliance or enforcement, contact the Department of Consumer Affairs at 216-443-7035. For information about plastics and the environment, contact the Department of Sustainability.