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Who We Are

The Department of Sustainability was created by Ordinance in late fall 2014 with its first staff being hired in February, 2015.  The broad goals of the Department are the following:

  1. Promoting environmentally sustainable business practices in the internal operations of the County;
  2. Collaborating with businesses, non-profit organizations, political subdivisions and government agencies to develop programs incorporating environmentally sustainable methods into accepted practice;
  3. Promoting economic development to support businesses that provide environmentally sustainable goods and services;
  4. Educating the public about environmentally sustainable practices;
  5. Advising, when requested, the County Executive and the County Council on policies and programs related to environmental sustainability; and
  6. Coordinate and collaborate with other directors and departments to achieve operational efficiencies and to eliminate redundancy within County government.

Mike Foley is the Director of the Department.  Mike is a former state legislator who has been active in environmental and energy related policies throughout the Great Lakes region. 

Mike has worked along with many partners over the last several years to steer better environmental and energy conscience practices into the framework of Cuyahoga County.  

The Department of Sustainability has been involved to a greater or lesser extent in off-shore wind and landfill solar developments, clean energy financing, local government sustainability planning, bike sharing, residential energy efficiency and solar, municipal solar and protection of water quality in the Lake Erie. 

Director Mike Foley can be reached at 216 443-3055 or at mfoley@cuyahogacounty.us