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GoOhio CommuteCuyahoga County is working with NOACA and lots of other local entities and organizations to track how we commute and hopefully encourage less single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips to and from work. 

We have created a “Gohio Commute” network in conjecture with NOACA in order to help reduce carbon emissions, save money, relieve commuting stress and hopefully have fun while doing it! 

This site allows you to easily log commute time and mode while also measuring pounds of CO2 emissions reduced, money saved, calories burned, and miles of non-Single Occupant Vehicle miles traveled.  

Our goal is that in being more conscience of our manner of commuting, we may see ourselves being more environmentally conscious and sustainable. 

The site administers a simple way to map out bike and transit routes, and even find others in your local community to share a carpool ride or bike trip with on the way to work and back.