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Bike & Scooter Share

County Bicycle and Scooter Share Permit Application

On June 27, 2019, the Cuyahoga County Administrative Rules Board adopted rules for applying for and receiving a bicycle and scooter share vendor’s license. Download the license application.

The application must include at least these items:  
  1. Table outlining how applicant meets each Safety and Maintenance Requirement outlined in the license application above;
  2. Completed License (link above);
  3. Insurance documentation;
  4. Images and description of bicycle, scooter, and mobile application;
  5. Size of fleet at launch, including any planned fleet expansions and proposed time periods of expansion during the pilot period;
  6. Service area within Cuyahoga County at launch, including any planned expansions and proposed time periods of expansion during the next three years;
  7. Plan for educating users on proper bicycle and scooter parking; and
  8. Staffing plan, including hired staff and contractors, for operation and maintenance of your program. The staffing plan must include how and at what rate contractors hired to recharge and rebalance your fleet will be paid. 
If you want to operate in the City of Cleveland, you will also need to submit a permit application to the City. The County will coordinate with the City of Cleveland on issuing County licenses and City of Cleveland Permits. Access and complete a City of Cleveland permit application.

If an applicant does not receive a City of Cleveland Permit, they will have the option of rescinding their application to the County and will not be required to pay the County’s Licensing fee. Licensing fees are due 30 days after notice that they will receive a City of Cleveland Permit or Cuyahoga County License, whichever occurs first.

Please submit applications electronically to:
Cuyahoga County Department of Sustainability

With a copy to:
Cleveland City Planning Commission

Bike Share UH Bikes: Cleveland-Cuyahoga Bike Share Program

Woman on UH Bike outside University HospitalCuyahoga County residents and visitors are able to have access to bicycles through self-service kiosk  located throughout the community.  Bike sharing is an environmental, economic and healthy way to get around town.  250 bikes and 30 stations are currently in place with the goal to increase the system to over 1000 bikes and 100 stations throughout the County by 2021.

Environmental: County bike share stations will be solar powered; bike sharing offers a transportation alternative that is virtually carbon neutral.

Economic: Relatively inexpensive compared to other transportation modes.

Health: Biking reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

Become a member or of UHBikes at www.uhbikes.com